Sandbanks | New Waves

Presented by | Saturday, September 13, 2014


Sandbanks | New Waves

Presented by | Saturday, September 13, 2014

County Harvest

A brand new music, arts, and food festival in beautiful Prince Edward County. This one day event will feature live performances from acclaimed artists from across Ontario, including The Hylozoists (Toronto), Evening Hymns (Sharbot Lake), DIANA (Toronto), Bry Webb (Guelph) and Cuff the Duke (Oshawa).


Enjoy amazing local food provided by Picnic Food Truck, Slow Taco, Currah's Catering and Pink Lunchpail.


We'll have fresh pressed lemonade from County Cupboard and several other unique local drink options. Also, one of our key sponsors is Norman Hardie, so stay tuned for more details about drink options.


Vicki's Veggies, Honey Pie Hives, Humble Bread, Portland Bridge Pickling Society and many more will all be there! Great vendors from Prince Edward County.


Buy Tickets


Buy Tickets

2014 Lineup

Cuff the Duke - 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm (60 minute set) - Visit artist website

Bry Webb -  6:30 pm to 7:15 pm (45 minute set) - View artist website

DIANA - 5:30 to 6:15 (45 minute set) - View artist website

Evening Hymns - 4:30 to 5:10 (40 minute set) - View artist website

The Hylozoists 3:30 - 4:10 (40 minutes) - View artist website

Advance - Buy tickets right here for $40* advance - BUY NOW 
t the Gate - Tickets will also be available at the door for $45*

Advance - You can also buy tickets in person at Soundscapes (Toronto) and Books and Company (Picton).

Note - Doors will open at 3:00 pm and the show will run until 9:00 pm.  This event is family-friendly and children under 12 accompanied by an adult are admitted for free! This is a rain or shine event.  

How your online tickets works - Once you buy here, simply print out the confirmation email you will receive from Zunior (or keep a copy on your smart phone) and then present along with a piece of photo ID at the gate to get into the event.  Easy!

Bonus stuff!!! Here is what your ticket includes:

  1. Admission to the festival.
  2. Free access to the shuttle bus. Click here for details on the bus route/times!
  3. You name will be entered automatically to a series of raffles that will be held throughout the day giving away prize-packs from our amazing vendors!
  4. You will receive a personalized welcome email with a coupon good for $2 off your next purchase on
  5. Free access to kids programming held throughout the day includes puppets, beach tours and more.

* Please note there is a $10.75 per car standard parking fee at Sandbanks Provincial Park, but you should know that all parking fees go to the upkeep of the amazing natural gem!  We will also be providing a shuttle bus (more details to follow in the coming weeks).  

Streaming Sampler of Our Artists!

Click here to stream a collection of songs from our artists.

Watch Select Videos From Our Amazing Artists!




All You Need To Know


All You Need To Know

Where To Stay

Sleep well with these options

Here is a list:

1. Camping right in Sandbanks Park!  Click here for more info!

2. Get a trailer fully set up and ready on your campsite. Check out this option!

3. How about one of our amazing sponsors Sandbanks Vacations!

4. Black Licorice Tree have a ticket + B&B combo! Click here!

5. An option close to Sandbanks: Isiah Tubbs (with small cottages for rent)

6. A close-ish option with lots of rooms and cottages, and a valued S:NW sponsor! The Waring House

7. Want to stay in a cool old schoolhouse?  How about South in Milford?

8. An option in Picton: Picton Harbour Inn

9. Official listing of all bed and breakfast options in PEC

Set Times

Here are the artists and when they will be playing:

For those looking to enjoy all of our live music, here are the set times!

1. Cuff The Duke - 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm (60 minute set)

2. Bry Webb - 6:30 pm to 7:15 pm (45 minute set)

3. DIANA - 5:30 to 6:15 (45 minute set)

4. Evening Hymns - 4:30 to 5:10 (40 minute set)

5. The Hylozoists - 3:30 - 4:10 (40 minutes)


How to get to Sandbanks and what the stage looks like

Here's a map:

Here's a link to the map:

See below for a photo of what the awesome stage looks like!

Kids Events

We'll have kids programming going all day long!

We want Sandbanks New Waves to be a great time for all, and you know kids are the best part of an exciting time, anytime!  We've got a whole collection of unique kids programming that will not just keep it fun for young people, but enrich the experience for everyone on September 13.  

The Kids Tent will be sponsored by our good friends at the Athol Rec Committee.  Here's what we have lined up:

1. Puppets - Kids will get a chance to create their own puppets working with our puppet-making expertsKrista Dalby and Stacey York!  Then they will get a chance to use them as part of a puppet show that we'll be putting on between acts, with a story developed onsite by one of our own kids Ruby!  All junior artistes will get to keep their puppets as a momento of their time chilling on the beach at Sandbanks New Waves!

2. Art Face Painting - We have brought in a real honest-to-goodness artist, Sarah Renaud-Wilkinson, that will take face painting up a notch.  We're not just talking about cute cat faces, but real one-of-a-kind temporary masterpieces that the kids will love.  This walking art will make put a smile on the face of everyone and the whole place will sparkle even more than it already does with the crystal clear water of Sandbanks beach right nearby!  

3. Murals - All day long, we'll be working with the kids to create a collection of 4 large murals that will be hung on the sides of the stage.  Talk about a great way to create an unique artistic collaboration that everyone will get to enjoy.  


Get in touch to volunteer, buy tickets or ask questions

Contact us directly to inquire about volunteering, ask questions about tickets or learn more about the event!

Ask for:

1. Dave at

2. Ryan at

Twitter | @sandbanksNW

Facebook |

Beverage Wedge

Our licensed area with wine and beer for sale

On top of all the many great things that will be part of this year's festival including live music, local food, local vendors, free kids programming, the best beach in Canada...we also have local wine and beer!  

We have set up a special licensed area that we are calling the Beverage Wedge.  This part of the festival grounds will feature local wine from Norman Hardie, sparkling wine from Hinterland and draft beer from Barley Days.  In the Beverage Wedge, we'll also be offering small food samples all day long from food vendors like PICNIC, The Waring House, Currah's Catering, Slow Taco and The Pink Lunch Pail.   This will be a great spot to watch the bands and enjoy the best wine and beer in County!

Also, don't forget about the Sandbanks New Waves Bus that you can use to get to and from the show to spots in Picton/Bloomfield/Wellington and all the great places there are to stay in the County. Walk from your B&B/hotel to the bus and it will take you right to S:NW for free!  You can't beat that!


The Sandbanks New Waves Bus

Get around the County for free on the day of the show!

On September 13, we want to make sure that you have options on how you get to and from S:NW.  So check out our map of the free S:NW bus that will do a run at the start of the event, and a run after.  The afternoon run will start at 2:00 pm in Cherry Valley and finish at about 3:30 at Sandbanks .  The evening run will start at Sandbanks Provincial Park at 9:00 pm and finish by about 10:30 in Wellington.

* Please note this map is a rough approximation of the actual route.  See below for details on the stopping points.

Stop A - Cherry Valley - Cherry Valley United Church

Stop B - Picton - Mary Street Parking Lot 

Stop C - Picton - Waring House Parking Lot

Stop D - Bloomfield - Central Downtown Parking Lot

Stop E - Wellington - Main street in front of the Post Office

Stop F - Sandbanks Provincial Park - Outlet Beach Stage




Afternoon run start at Stop #A (Cherry Valley United Church) at 2:00 pm, and finishes around 3:30 at Stop #F (Sandbanks Provincial Park)

Evening run start at Stop #F (Sandbanks Outlet Beach Stage) at 9:00 pm, and finishes at around 10:30 pm at Stop E (Wellington Post Office)


RSVP - If you are planning to use the bus, please shoot an email to confirm your pickup location.

The Sandbanks Provincial Park Stage!